About Us

Who Are We? We are Donna and Lisa Adney. Together we have over 45 years combined pet experience. Donna is the kennel owner and operator. She has worked with the Shelby County Sheriffs Department with Schutzhund (protection & drug) dogs. She moved on to showing and bred the number one champion herding dog in the U.S. She is internationally known for the quality of her German Shepherd dogs. Now she runs AdneyHaus Private Boarding Kennels. She has a belief & training in Eastern & Holistic, as well as Western medicine, massage therapy, aromatherapy, nutrition & obedience training. She believes that a healthy, well behaved pet is a happy pet and a joy to be around. Lisa is her daughter and has followed in Donna’s footsteps. Lisa has much the same training as Donna and Lisa has worked with local vet clinics.

Donna Adney, (Owner & Resident Animal Care Specialist)
& Narco in our courtyards. It’s so peaceful here!

Lisa Adney, (Owner & Resident Animal Care Specialist)
& Sheriff Crabtree in our courtyards. Playtime is FUN for us!

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