About Us


Welcome to Adneyhaus Private Kennels
A Pet Boarding Sanctuary in Shelby County, Alabama

Discover Peace of Mind!

When you must be away home, you can leave your pet with us and enjoy serenity like never before.

Adneyhaus Private Kennels is a private, personal, and peaceful pet spa and pet boarding facility dedicated to the ultimate retreat experience for your dog or cat.

Located in beautiful Shelby, Alabama, only 30 minutes from the Birmingham/Hoover metro area, Adneyhaus is your pet’s country home. At Adneyhaus, we have created a “Mayberry atmosphere” for your pet. You will never find blaring sound systems or other dangerous “amenities” here. We cater only to the soul and emotions of animals.

  • Imagine not worrying about your pet while you are away!
  • How much more would you enjoy your vacation if you were confident that your pet was calm and happy?
  • Would a special dinner out taste better?
  • Would your visit with relatives include more quality time?

Well-pet boarding keeps your pet healthy.

At Adneyhaus, we do not accept sick pets. Proof of vaccinations is required. Since we are committed to keeping our guests healthy and happy, we are the logical choice for concerned pet owners.

Where do owners take their sick, contagious pets? If you guessed to the vet’s office, you’re correct. That’s why private pet boarding is superior to clinic boarding.
Why would you take your pet to the same place that treats sick and injured animals? Animals with contagious diseases, such as Parvovirus and kennel cough, enter through the same door and use the same facilities as boarded pets. When sick animals cough, sneeze, and relieve themselves, bacteria and viruses are hazards waiting to infect your pet.

Pet boarding facility size matters.

Most clinics board pets in crates or small runs. You’ve seen these facilities and you tried to feel comfortable about the arrangement. But you ended up worrying while you were away. That won’t happen at Adneyhaus! Our goal is to eliminate stress for both you and your furry friend.

At Adneyhaus, our runs are large rooms (6’ x 12’) with picture windows. In fact, the runs are large enough to board a horse, and the windows keep your pet from feeling isolated. In addition, we have large courtyards for frequent, leash-free play and exercise.

Our guest list is even more important to your pet! Although Adneyhaus Private Kennels has 20 acres of fun-filled, fully fenced farmland, we accept only 20 guests at a time. Therefore, you know that your companion has personalized care and attention. Since reservations (link to contact page) are required, give us a call today. We can even arrange for you to tour our facilities before you decide to choose our private kennel.

We honor your pet boarding requests.

You are invited to bring your pet’s bedding, toys, and special diets. Home scents and tastes are comforting and part of our recipe for a stress-free environment. So don’t forget those special items when packing your pet’s bag.
In addition, we want to know all about your best buddy before you leave. Tell us how we can make him comfy.

  • What frightens your pet? We will make sure to mitigate scary situations.
  • How does your pet handle stormy weather? We are familiar with thunderstorm phobias.
  • Does your pet require a bedtime treat? We are happy to spend a few bonding moments with your pet before bedtime.
  • Does your pet have a special diet, such as a raw diet or other personal favorites? We will make sure that your pet’s food is familiar so that her boarding experience remains as consistent as possible.
  • Does your pet have special needs? We are skilled in helping all pets thrive.

Whether your upcoming boarding requirement involves a vacation, a medical emergency, or anything in between, you’ll have “peace of mind” when you board at Adneyhaus Private Kennels, Shelby County’s own pet sanctuary. Leave your pet with us and leave worries behind.